The Use of Pricing in Apparel Influences Consumer Purchasing Decisions

Assignment 3: “Anything less than a conscious commitment to the important is an unconscious
commitment to the unimportant.” – Stephen Covey
This is the major assignment for our course. This is an academic research paper. Do not confuse it
with any other assignment you have done so far in college. You are about to graduate NJCU with a
Business degree in Marketing; you must demonstrate your ability to perform research, analyze the
research and finding, and write using that research to support your ideas. It represents what you have
learned in your time at NJCU in the marketing program, the business department, and all of your
university courses. This paper must be written at a business level – it must be able to be submitted to
anyone in business and gain respect by being professional, meaning it communicates ideas in a clear
and concise manner. This assignment, as with everything you will write at work – letter, report,
analysis, review, pitch, instructions, email, text – represents you to the intended audience and
unintended audiences who any written document could be passed on to. This paper is worth 45% of
your total course grade.
There will be no “second chances” or do-overs for this assignment. The file you submit for your final
draft will be just that, the final draft. Be sure it is your best possible work. We have used this entire
semester to write this one paper. All assignments have built toward this assignment; there was no
work in our class that was not targeted specifically to this paper. While this paper is lengthy, you have
had nearly three months to complete it.
Your Project must follow this Chapter outline:

  1. Intro
    • Purpose
    • Research question
    • Significance of the study
    • Limitations of the study (Survey Monkey)
    • Definition of terms
  2. Review of the Literature
  3. Methodology
  4. Results
  5. Discussion
    Works cited pages
    Paper requirements
    • Use at least 20 sources (at least 15 of 20 citations should be scholarly journal articles).
    • 25 – 30 pages – not including Works cited or any appendix pages.
    • Conform to these page counts:
  • Chapter I = 5 pages
  • Chapter II = 10 pages (REQUIRED)
  • Chapter III = 5 pages
  • Chapter IV = 5 pages
  • Chapter V = 5 pages
  • Use APA style.
  • Hand in all notes/reference material. YES, EVERYTHING!
    • Use APA Style
    This assignment has several goals. Your paper will be grades on each of these criteria:
  1. Explain the issue that you are interested in. You must choose and explain a marketing issue in
    reference to academic research that you perform. As a marketing major you must be able to
    discuss marketing issues at length, in writing.
  2. Demonstrate your ability to conduct scholarly research. You must be able to find and understand
    research pertaining to the issue you have chosen. Understanding research performed by others is
    critical for success in marketing, and all business careers.
  3. Apply your research findings to support your ideas concerning your issue. The internet makes it
    relatively easy to access massive amounts of information. You must be able to learn from research
    and apply what you learn to help understand and solve your own issues.
  4. Communicate your ideas in clear and concise business level writing. Business communication is
    still primarily done in writing. The internet and the technologies it supports are mostly writingbased: text, email, websites, etc. You must use clear and concise writing to communicate your
    ideas to a wide variety of audiences. This includes correct grammar.
  5. Properly use APA format throughout the paper. Each company you work for has its own way to
    create and present information in different formats: documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides.
    Most companies use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but HOW to use each of them varies by
    company: font size and style, organization, use of images, etc. It creates a “look and feel” that
    helps identify documents as “one of ours” at a glance. It is part of a company brand. When you
    adhere to APA format rules of content and design throughout your Project you will be showing that
    you can keep to whatever format your future employer chooses.
    Final draft due by 12 noon Sunday 6 December 2020 on Blackboard. You may submit the
    assignment early

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