Paper details:

Individual assignment (4000 Words):

Write your own mini case study together with a briefing note:

The mini case shall describe a strategic situation/problem/issue either in the past or today which needs resolution. The organisation can be of any type and in any geography. By the end of the case, it should be clear to the reader that a problem is faced.

The accompanying briefing note will begin by critically evaluating ‘the issue’ in order that it may be subjected to further analysis. In other words, whilst the case may have an apparently simple problem, that is, declining sales and loss of profitability, this may conceal a range of underlying problems which need to be addressed.

The briefing note will then select appropriate tools, techniques, frameworks in order to provide insight and potential solutions to the problem. The write up will conclude with a statement of the broader implications of the case for other companies in similar situations and reflect on broader strategic lessons

the work should include tables, graph etc 

I would the the assignment to be written about Tesla company

the order’s status is REVISION

Please check the file Organisation Tesla .pdf and follow the instructioiquns  from  it

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