Political science

POLI 391 Politics of the European Union
Professor Robert Cox
Fall 2020
Third Exam
Instructions: Compose ten essays that answer each of the questions below. Each essay should be 150-
250 words. Each essay is worth up to five points. The exam has a total of 50 possible points. Your
responses are due before the beginning of class (11:40 am) on Tuesday, 10 November. Save your
essays as either a Microsoft Word (.docx) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file. Load your exam responses
into the blackboard assignment site.

  1. Explain the concept of “pooled sovereignty” and how it affects the distribution of competencies
    within the European Union.
  2. Explain the concept of multilevel governance. In what ways is the EU system of multilevel
    governance unique, and in what ways is it similar to federal states?
  3. Outline the arguments made by the “leave” and “remain” campaigns during the Brexit
  4. What is the Irish Backstop, and how does it complicate negotiations for the withdrawal of the UK
    from the EU?
  5. Explain the four pillars of the EU’s Single Market.
  6. Explain four goals of Competition Policy in the EU. Why does it make sense for this to be an
    EU and not a member state competence?
  7. “The problem with the design of the EURO is that it is based on the integration of monetary
    policy, but failed to also integrate fiscal policy.” Is this statement true or false? Explain
  8. What are the Convergence Criteria for joining the Eurozone? Why is it important that
    countries adhere to them?
  9. Explain how the Common Agricultural Policy works. What are its goals, what are the
    instruments of this policy, and how effective are the instruments in realizing the goals?
  10. What has been done to reduce the cost of the Common Agricultural Policy, and how
    effective have the reforms been?

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