Mastery Assignment 5.1 Essay

Topic: Mastery Assignment 5.1 Essay

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Mastery Assignment 5.1: Essay


In this assignment, you will write a 3-4 page essay about the French Revolution — an event that occurred not long after the American Revolution but which is influential in history for some of the same reasons and some different reasons, as the French Revolution followed a different track, and it had different outcomes. Writing this essay will give you an opportunity to see how the events of the age came to be and how they still have an impact in your life today.


1. Complete the assignment readings. 

2. Write an essay describing the effects of the French Revolution.  Consider these questions to guide your writing (Do not simply write a short answer to each question; you are writing a well-developed, coherent essay.)

• How did nationalism and the idea of a nation-state emerge?

• What did Liberal Nationalism stand for?

• What reforms were made by Napoleon?

• From the defeat of Napoleon, did Europe see an increase in conservatism?


• Prepare a quality, substantive paper that addresses the objectives of the assignment and the expectations set forth in the grading rubric.

• A minimum of 750 words excluding the title page and references is required.

• Use APA format – Refer to APA Style and the Online Writing Center resources in Academic Resources for guidance on paper and citation formatting.

• Please note that an abstraiquct is not required for this assignment.

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