Leadership Project 2

Over the last two (2) weeks, you have read four (4) new chapters in the course text (pages 132 – 221).  Each chapter reveals to the reader both history and God’s hand in it.  The chapters tell of both formal leadership (those in a position of power based on organizational structure) and informal leadership (those who have power based on their ability to demonstrate influence without being in a formal organizational structure).

In this assignment, the student is required to write an APA formatted 900 word paper that expands on a theme from one of the chapters.  Why was this information so important that Merida included it in the text?  How is this theme relevant today?  Why is this theme important to you in your current or future leadership endeavors?  Support your research with five (5) scholarly sources.  Limit your literature search to the last five (5) years and select only sources that are full text – PDF.

As part of this project, prepare an annotated bibliography.  The bibliography will be structured as follows: APA formatted reference (minimum 250 words per reference) followed by summary of key points, evaluation of the quality of the publication, evaluation of the quality of the author(s), where this fits into the assignment, and the library database in which you found the article.  A traditional APA reference page and the annotated bibliography will be turned in with the associated paper.

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