Topic: Immigration

Paper details:

Topic: Immigration

Purpose: America’s openness to immigration has enriched its culture, expanded economic opportunity, and enhanced its influence in the world.

Audience: The American people.

Unit 3 Essay Instructions:


On the surface, classifying or defining something seems like an easy task. Or, this general essay direction could be argued as asking for something informative. However, when digging deeper, we should notice that an essay like this will need to balance between being informative and presenting an argument. In other words, there will be levels of analysis to help showcase critical thinking. Therefore, chapters 16-17 will be your point of reference. 

The topic guideline page will have more support for selecting topics.


900-1000 words in total length and on an appropriate topic (see Unit 3 Essay Topic Guidelines: (Links to an external site.) for more)

Topic will be argumentative in nature (clear stance, debatable issue) with counterargument (acknowledge opposing or differing viewpoints)

3-4 credible sources

Reminder: annotated / highlighted sources must be submitted as well in order for your essay to be considered full and complete

Annotated Research: (Links to an external site.)

Annotated Research (visual examples): (Links to an external site.)

For Research Guidance, you may revisit the research instruction pages from Unit 2:

Research Methods (Links to an external site.)

Library as Resource: (Links to an external site.)

Research Overview / Recap: (Links to an external site.)

All research materials must be highlighted and submitted

MLA version 8 for source documentation

Tone: formal and writing needs to:

Avoid Contractions: it is instead of it’s

Avoid 2nd Person Point of View: no “You” pronouns

Style: Writing needs to be generally free of grammatical errors while demonstrating good control over sentence-level mechanics

Proper formatting / layout (see formatting template (Links to an external site.)Preview the document document for more details)

Reminder that proper formatting (page layout) is part of the essay grade

Unit 3 Essay Topic Guidelines:

For this essay to work well, the topic should aim to argue against a common perception of a topic. When working against a perception, the argument element of the essay starts to take shape because the insights and analysis will have opportunity to address opposing viewpoints. The example topic below will demonstrate how this works:


Topic: Comic book movies recent box office success.

Perception of topic: Comic book movies are ruining cinema. This is a debate that has been running along with the recent trend of Marvel Movies dominating the box office.

Topic Purpose: Define comic book movies by classifying types.

Potential Thesis: Despite acclaimed filmmakers and critics seeing the current trend of comic book movie as a detriment to the cinema industry, comic book films are essentially keeping the industry alive and well. 

NOTE: The main points that follow will break down comic book movies into the various types (this would be the classification part of the essay).

Type #1: Super Humans: Superheroes can be argued as a modern day version of mythological gods.

Main point paragraph: compare 1-2 current superheroes to their mythological counterpart.

Possible example: Superman and Zeus.

Possible source: Bland, Archie. “Comic Book Superheroes: The Gods of Modern Mythology.” The Guardian

Counterargument paragraph: not myths as interpretation or connection is too loose, and superheroes are products of current issues.

Possible Angle: Real origin of Superman (creator’s reason for coming up with the character).

OR from this source: Fink, Jenni. “Stan Lee Characters: Spider-Man, Hulk, Black Panther, Which Marvel Comics Did Icon Create?” Newsweek

Type #2: Origin Story:

Main point paragraph: the origin story (or retelling) introduces the heroes to a new generation of fans; thus, there is a wide range in ages for the target audiences.

Possible Slant: Batman from the 80s, 2000s, and now 2010s / 2020s with all versions having some critical acclaim (with the exception of the upcoming version).

Counterargument paragraph: the retelling, and retelling of the same origin is a cash grab for Hollywood and shows that the movie business has run out of original stories.

We have seen Spider-man reintroduced: 3 times since 2002.

Type #3: Anti-Hero:

Main point paragraph: the anti-heroes like Batman, Deadpool, Wolverine, and Punisher all provide the movie industry with complex characters who enrich the story.

Possible examples to use: these super (anti) heroes are not alone and have followed in the footsteps of quite a few other iconic anti-hero characters from TV, literature, etc.

Counterargument paragraph: Despite complexity in character development, these films still rehash formulaic plots with predictable endings.

Research Opportunity: grab a negative review and compare a point to the film reviewed and others.


Reinforce topic and stance. For this example topic, I would say that comic book films are not much different from the annual summer blockbuster type of films, and the long history of the blockbuster has not ruined the cinema industry.

In a way, the conclusion revisits the definition but does so with more depth. Other possible strategies include:

Predicting the future….in this case, when will we start seeing the cracks in the Marvel movie empire?

Call to action? Does your audience need to do somethiiqung like join a cause, movement, etc.?

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