Digitization of construction managment in small and medium construction companies in India

Subject: Management

Topic: Digitization of construction managment in small and medium construction companies in India

Paper details:



This is not a work that is being undertaken for academic grades, but as a personal passion for the topic mentioned. The outcome is high quality research paper(s) rather than academic grades. 


The material provided will be framework for producing three research papers in the next 6 months – relevance in today′s context is important.  The broad area of study is Civil Engineering -> Construction Management.  Following are the expected deliverables

1) Framing a research problem 

2) Framing the research survey questions 

3) Interpretation method for the survey research results is mandatory 

4) Language should be British English 

BASIS FOR THE WORK: Please use this passage to understand the basis of the work.

challenges of implementing digital tools for documenting and managing project activities and schedules. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a working style which is slowly being set in place in UK, Singapore, middle east. Research on the problems faced in UK, Singapore and Malaysia in implementing BIM standards and opportunities in developing countries and how to avoid them in developing countries, particularly India is focus of the study. Stress on challenges to be given in the Indian context with Three research gap areas that can be worked on. In each of these areas, the existing knowledge and survey questions should be framed along with the interpretation methodology. 


1) Reference should be restricted to top notch journals in construction or project management. 

2) Minimum of 7 reference required for each research area that will be furnished. 

3) Age of material provided as reference 25 % of references can be more than 5 years old 25 % of references should be less than 2 years old The rest can lie between 2 and 5 years. 

Please share the time line of delivery.  This will help if the work is proceeding to time.

Survey questions and method to interpret the findings is mandatory.  Write up on BIM, benefits of BIM and the like should be avoided.  Survey questions, basis for including the question (refereniquce to journal is sufficient)

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