Develop a client group for social work agency

Subject: Psychology

Topic: Develop a client group for social work agency

Paper details:

Prepare a plan for the development of a new client group in an agency (can be your field placement or a fictional agency)

Discuss: the needs of the client population proposed for the group, how a group service will meet those needs; group purpose; who the members will be; group size and structure; pre-group contact with prospective members

Discuss your plan to get the agency invested in the group. Whose support would you need before you could start the group. What are some of the potential challenges to developing this group?  What do you need to successfully facilitate this group?  

Discuss one reading that helped you with this assignment.

This paper should incorporate relevant readings from the literature.  Paper should be 7-9 pages and draw on relevant literature covered in the course and should conform to APA academic style to include citations and bibliography. All authors and sources of ideas or fact, whether quoted directly or paraphrased in your own words, must be given due credit through the use of APA citations. 

Example of regroup planning below:

Social Work with Group: Preparatory/Planning Phase

 Need: What is the common need the group will address?  How was this need be identified?  Who identified the need?

Purpose: What is the stated purpose of the group?

Composition: Will the group be opened or closed?  What are the criteria for joining? Will the members be pre-screened? Numbers? Who will facilitate the group?

Structure: time, place, accessibility, resources/supplies needed, budget, any confidentiality concerns?

Content: what will go on in the meetings?  Do you need special equipment?

Pre-Group Contact:  Where will you get members?  What will you tell them about group? How can you prepare them for group experience?

Agency Context: What agency factors need to be considered in forming this group?

Social Context: What influences in the larger society/political climate may impact the delivery of services to this client population and perhaiqups the formation of this group

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