2. How has Karl Marxs analysis of class been borne out by history? Which aspects of Marxian class theory remain useful and which must be rethought?

Final Paper Questions

Choose ONE question from the following list of questions:

1. Select any two theorists we have studied and compare and contrast their different approaches to the study of class.

2. How has Karl Marxs analysis of class been borne out by history? Which aspects of Marxian class theory remain useful and which must be rethought?

3. Was Marx correct to see class as the primary contradiction in capitalist society? How can we theorise other axes of oppression such as gender and race?

4. Is class still a relevant category today? How might we rethink the concept of class to account for contemporary realities?

Your Final Paper should be 2500 words double-spaced, not including the reference list.

Your essay should be referenced using Harvard style with a reference list included at the end.

This paper contributes 40% of your total mark for the course.

A high standard of work is expected for your essay, including careful proofreading and meticulous attention to citation/referencing. You are expected to make a clear, well-substantiated, and succinct argument based on the readings from the unit. You will need to start planning and drafting your essay many weeks before it is due in order to give yourself the opportunity to develop your ideas as fully as possible. Use your reading kit and any additional reading sources provided on Canvas. You may draw on outside readings and sources for the essay, but it is not necessary and most of the sources should be drawn from the unit.

Your Final Paper will be assessed according to the following criteria:

– Quality of argument and focus in response to the essay question

– Demonstrated ability to build a well substantiated argument

– Development of critical synthesis and insights relevant to the question

– Clarity of written expression

– A logical and coherent approach to the essay structure

– Attention to detail in citation and references

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some commonly asked questions. Please consult this list to make sure that your question has not been answered before writing to the coordinator.

1. Is there a marking rubric?

Your instructor will use the below marking rubric to assess the essays.

Clarity of Written ExpressionWriting is extremely clear and expressed very wellWriting is very clear and written expression great, with few issuesWriting is clear and readable, but with several issuesClarity of writing has significant issuesWriting is extremely unclear
Organisation and StructureWriting is clearly structured and organised very-well.Organisation of ideas and structure is great, with minor issuesOrganisation and structure of ideas clear, but needs editingPiece is minimally organisedNo organisation or structure
Comprehension  Concepts are clearly understood very well and presented back in the author’s own voiceConcepts are understood well in author’s voice, with minor issuesConcepts have been comprehended, but needs greater efforts at clarificationAn attempt at conveying concepts has been made, but needs much workConcepts have not been comprehended to a sufficient level
ArgumentOriginal, clear, and consistent argument with a strong thesisGreat argument and thesis statement, with minor issuesArgument is presented, but needed greater clarity and consistencyMinimal indications of argument and thesis statement, with little consistencyNo argument or thesis statement, minimal consistency
Critical analysisWriting demonstrates excellent critical analysis and originality.Writing demonstrates great critical analysis and originality, with minor issues.Some evidence of critical analysis, however there is a need to move beyond descriptive writing.Writing is largely descriptive, with minimal critical analysis.No critical writing / analysis.
Spelling and Grammar  No spelling or grammar issuesMinor spelling or grammar issuesSeveral spelling or grammar issuesReadable, but contains many spelling and grammar issuesReadability is difficult: spelling and grammar support needed

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