In your own words, discuss the changes in sexual attitudes and practices over the history of the United States.

Assignment Length Requirement: 400 words

Task: Answer the following prompt in its entirety by integrating information from Chapter 5, Chapter 9, (Social Problems: Continuity and Change 2015) and your chosen news article:

  • In your own words, discuss the changes in sexual attitudes and practices over the history of the United States.  
  • Select one of the several current issues and controversies involving sexuality and sexual behavior found in chapters 5 or 9 you want to research.
  • Find one recent news article from a reputable source about the social problem you want to discuss published within the last two years.
    • Briefly summarize your chosen news article.
    • What is the specific social problem discussed in the news article?
    • Which group is most impacted by the social problem under investigation? 
    • In your opinion, what can be done by wider society to address the social problem under investigation?

Note: Social media posts are not reputable sources. 

  • InstructionsApply at least two course concepts from chapter 5 or 9 to your discussion of the social problem you chose (e.g., LGBTQ+ discrimination, bullying; violence; employment discrimination; same-sex marriage; physical and mental health; heterosexual privilege; the sexual revolution: attitudes, behaviors; teenage sexual activity; teenage pregnancy; abortion; prostitution; or pornography).
  • Be sure to include a URL link of your chosen reputable news article in your works cited or references section.
  • Cite your work by providing evidence from the course material (i.e., the eTexbook(Social Problems: Continuity and Change 2015), lecture notes, videos, etc.) to substantiate your argument. 

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