In your own words, define ageism. How do different groups of older individuals experience ageism?

Discussion Forum Post should be at least 3 paragraphs in length, or 350-words minimum.

Overview: Older people face a number of challenges, many of which are related to age stratification. These problems range from social isolation to ageism to outright abuse. Ageism can be defined as age-based prejudice and discrimination directed against older people (Chapter 6 Lecture Notes 2020). As the share of seniors in the U.S. population continues to increase over the next several decades, how will this trend change our way of life? 

Task #1: Watch the TEDTalk by Ashton Applewhite titled, “Let’s end ageism.” 

Task #2: Watch the video clip by the Movement Advancement Project titled, “Aging as LGBT: Two Stories.” 

Task #3 Instructions: After reading Chapter 6 (Social Problems: Continuity and Change 2015)., reviewing the Chapter 6 Lecture Notes, please fully answer the following prompt in its entirety:

  • In your own words, define ageism.
  • How do different groups of older individuals experience ageism
  • In what ways does our society need to provide greater support for our swelling older population?
  • Explain the causes and consequences of ageism.
  • What are some other social problems that affect the aging population? Briefly discuss at least four examples from Chapter 6. 
  • What are some ways in which the mass media (e.g., advertising, television, and movies) reflect ageist attitudes? 
  • Are there any advertisements you have seen that seem to conflate (lump) a whole age group together? If so, what are the names of the advertisements? Which products or services are they advertising or selling?
  • Why is ageism harmful to people and to wider society as a whole? What can society do to remedy ageism?
  • What does Ashton Applewhite propose as solutions to combat ageism? Explain. 

The rationale and idea behind discussion forum posts and responses is to generate discussion among your classmates that would have typically occurred in a group or class activity held on campus. In other words, these online interactions take the place of in-class discussions.

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