Does whisper of gibbons show evolution in speech

Does whisper of gibbons show evolution in speech Write a 6-8 literature review paper that follows these guidelines: Review papers do not have a standardized format in the same way research papers do (example: no methods or results sections). Instead, you should follow these guidelines: The first few paragraphs should provide an introduction and background on your topic. The body of your paper should include a synthesis of information from your readings.

Use subheadings for different areas, but it should not be organized source by source. The last few paragraphs should serve a conclusion where you summarize the ideas discussed in your paper and explain their broader importance. Direct quotes are rarely used in formal scientific writing. You may not use direct quotes in your review paper. You must explain the information in your own words. formatting the citations for six articles in the style of the Journal of Evolutionary Biology (J Evol Biol). Make sure there is a thorough, critical review of the literature you compile as well as a cohesive synthesis of this literature in the review paper.

Your completed paper will be 6 – 8 pages double-spaced text and will also include a properly formatted works cited list. Font: Times New Roman Double-spaced (Set line spacing to 2.0) 12-point font size 1-inch margins on all sides Make sure there is Accuracy/thoroughness of literature summary, Ability to make connections to concepts covered in evolution class, Demonstration of critical thinking and creativity when describing future experiments, and Quality of writing. Make sure The opening paragraphs provide a: Thorough background of the system studied Rationale for this type of study Central question/objectives The closing paragraphs discuss: (or these may be addressed throughout the paper) Controversies/disagreement among sources, or identification of weaknesses/problem of a source Broader implications of the paper’s findings (What does it all mean to the big picture?) Ideas for future research – want to hear your suggestions, not those of the authors Literature is explained in detail, demonstrating comprehension of the source material Information from different sources is synthesized to address paper objectives; connections are made across sources rather than providing separate summaries

Demonstrate knowledge gained from evolution class in interpreting the research question and make connections to evolution material All sources are cited in text and as citations At least 6 total sources; at least 4 primary sources Citations are complete and have a consistent style similar to Journal of Evolutionary Biology Free of spelling errors Free of grammar errors Free of incomplete or run-on sentences Each paragraph contains a topic sentence; additional sentences provide support for the main theme Logical flow to the order of paragraphs and the sequence in which material is presented The works cited list is in the materials section named works cited evolutionary page.docx The research articles to use in the paper is named whisper gibbons 3rd paper, whisper gibbons 4th paper, whisper gibbons 5th paper, whisper gibbons 6th paper, Clarke_E._-_The_anti-predator behavior, and the syntax and meaning of wild gibbon songs. Make sure The 6-8 paper should be in apa format but works cited shouiquld be in journal of evolutionary biology.

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