the effects of temperature on AP

Topic: the effects of temperature on AP

Paper details:

this is a lab report that only requires 2 pages results and discussions. Results:

●Narration of your findings without interpreting or evaluating them

●This can be done using graphs, figures, tables

●Notable correlations must be included in this section

●Speculation of this correlation is in discussion discussion:

● “Critical Thinking”

● Interpreting your results and discussing what they mean

●Questions to ask: -What has been learned in this experiment? -How can you interpret your results? -Can your results be applied to the world? If so, how? -what new questions do you have?


●Follow same format as journal of Biochemistry

●You must have at least 3

●You must cite ideas and findings The temperature and pH values stated in the lab manual may be different than what is in the data sheets. You should be using the pH and temperature information giviquen in the data sheets

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