Personal Philosophy (for Professional Portfolio)

rofession portfolio development

  • This assignment should be in APA format with 800 words
  • References 
    • References maximum of 15 (Textbooks, peer journal review articles, academic journals, verified or health website – e.g. CNA- Canadian nursing association, CLPNA, Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing by Perry and Potter)
    • Peer reviewed articles and academic journals should be within the last five years
    • Complete list of references for each source cited in your paper in APA style. 

PLEASE FOLLOW THE RUBIC FOR Professional Portfolio Development writing

Personal Philosophy of Nursing: -Included a discussion of underlying beliefs about nursing (and what kind of nurse do you want to be)  -Minimum of three values are reflected for nurses  -Reflects your own perception of the primary role, goal and purpose of nursing  -The perception of personal role in the profession and society as a nurse   (what difference do you want to make as a nurse) 


Body of Paper: Content is organized in appropriate sections and formatted appropriately correct margins and double-spaced as required, indent 5 spaces or 1 tab for new paragraphs, correct font – Times New Roman, 12-pt. font, artifacts are legible, etc. (3)
References: Citations in body of paper follow APA format References, on separate page, follow APA format
Grammar and Spelling: Appropriate grammar and free from spelling errors

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