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The rising part of my novel will be underlined by the events relating to Cassie and Joe’s meeting, the leading characters in the novel. The onset of the novel will highlight how the two characters engaged in altercations as Joe believed that Cassie had parked her car at his spot, whereas Cassie points at the fact that archaic Joe based on his lifestyle and beliefs. Joe is a medical practitioner specializing in brain surgery, while Cassie is a businesswoman who runs a store for selling clothes. Moreover, they are both parents to first-year students. 

The two characters, despite having grown-up children find themselves in an awkward moment as they find the campus orientation program less fulfilling to them as compared to their children. However, having engaged in altercations, there is an air of silence between them. Nonetheless, they develop an interest in each other as they opt to explore the learning environment as their children engage in the orientation program. The surging level of emotional feelings for each other is hindered by the fact that they all have spouses, yet they have met for the first time. 

The climax for the novel is underlined by the fact that the single day is captivating and enthusiastic as they take their feelings a notch higher as stressed by having kisses. However, their camaraderie comes to a tragic halt as they have to part in the evening. The ending of the novel is denoted by the fact that Joe and Cassie depart for home without taking each other’s contacts with their faces full of sadness and hopelessness. The shape of the story is zigzag, and I would tell it chronologically. The novel can be described as a thrilling romantic novel yet comical.  

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