Concentrate More On Domestic Terrorism Than Terrorism From Other Countries

Paper details:

Name: Title of Speech: General Purpose: To Persuade Specific purpose statement: To persuade my audience that: _____________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Central Idea statement: (THIS MUST BE YOUR PROPOSITION OF POLICY): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: You do NOT have to have the same number of sub points under each Roman numeral.

DO NOT include direction words in your outline (Attention getter, complete sentences required, for example) Introduction ATTENTION STEP I. Attention getter (complete sentences required) A. B. II. General statement of the topic III. Proposition of policy, fact, or value IV. Preview of Main Points Body NEED STEP I.

General statement of the problem to be discussed A. Significant harm number 1 1. 2. B. Significant harm number 2 1. 2. (NOTE: you do NOT have to have the same number of subpoints and sub-sub points as shown in this sample) II.

This problem can be attributed to … XXX A. This is caused by several inadequacies in the present system 1. 2. B. The problem will continue unless corrective action is taken (explain why it will continue) 1. 2. (transition: Because this is such a significant problem that is being dealt with inadequately in the present system,…) SATISFACTION STEP III. Statement of your proposition and solution A. B. (A and B are the specifics of your solution—the steps we need to implement in order to solve the problem) This solution will significantly reduce the problems I have identified earlier; A. It will reduce problem A 1. 2. B. It will reduce problem (significant harm) B 1. 2. IV.

Visualization: Let’s take a look at the future

A. Illustrate the future WITHOUT your solution—paint a dreary bleak picture—the problem continues and actually grows worse

B. Illustrate the future WITH your solution—paint a rosy, shiny, happy future. The advantages of enacting this solution outweigh any negative effects

C. There is/are one/several advantages.

1. Advantage 1 with support 2. Advantage 2 with support D.


1. Some say that X will result a. Refutation—THEY are WRONG because (provide a reason and evidence refuting the disadvantage to your solution) 2. Some people say that Y will result a. Refutation—They are wrong because (provide a reason and evidence refuting the disadvantage) Action V. My solution is the best solution

A. Some people say we should try alternative solution X

B. My solution is better than alternative solution X because (provide at least one reason why your solution is better than the alternative with support) CONCLUSION

A. Brief Summary of the need step—no more than a single sentence

B. Brief summary of the satisfaction step—no more than one sentence

C. Final call to action and close Woiqurk Cited (At least 4 Sources)

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