Change Paper: Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Paper details:

This must be at least 5 pages not including the title page and references. He wants us to use the book and additional references. He is big on in-text citations.

For the change paper, you are really trying to “read between the lines” of the theory as it regards change.

You don’t want to simply explain the theory. You want to focus on the aspects of the theory that relate most to change.

In other words, focus on questions like: What are the assumptions “underneath” the theory/model regarding change?

What is the pace of change? Who is the most likely member of the system to bring about change and under what circumstances? What factors must be present for change to take place? What is the therapist’s role in relation to change?

Are there different types of change? If so, how are they different? What happens in the rest of the system when change takes place? These are just a few questions to get you thinking.

If you tackle these it will get you going in a productive direction to outline other aspects of the theory as it relates to change.

Please no page number on title page. Book Info Click canvaiqus. Once it opens click redshelf.

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