Research paper prospectus #2

Paper #2: Descartes & Hume: Competing Methods and Viewpoints

You are required to cite a minimum of 5 sources:

1.   Both primary sources

2.   An encyclopedia of philosophy

3.   Two secondary sources, with at least one being scholarly (a journal article or book chap

The paper must be 1800 -approx. 2500 words (roughly 5-7 pages; you can go a little over but shouldn’t go under the word count). You should use Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font with 1” margins, page numbers, and double-spacing. On a title page, include the course, professor name, date, your name, paper title, and word count. On the last page, include a Works Cited followed by a Bibliography 

Cartesian skepticism vs. Humean skepticism

  • I plan to compare Hume’s and Descartes’ skepticism. In my work, I want to:
  • Define skepticism, talk about what types of it exists why is it important 
  • Compare their theories and methods, to explain the difference, find similarities  
  • Make a good conclusion summarizing my ideas

For now, I see that in the beginning they are writing about similar things, more or less. Then, to the end, their thoughts differ a lot. I believe one of the main reasons is how they see or believe in god, but I will find out more. 

  • I plan to use Hume’s “An inquiry concerning human understanding” and Descartes’ “Meditation on first philosophy”. I will use them to camper how both philosophers see skepticism. I believe that both authors talk about it at the beginning of their books, so, the introduction and meditation 1 from Descartes, section 1 and 2 from Hume. I will use their ideas of being skeptical and how they transform them along with the text.
  • Scholar source – a research on skepticism of different philosophers from the University of Leeds, GB. I will use it to understand other types of skepticism, how other philosophers see it and use it. There are good examples and differences are highlighted.

Secondary sores – a research on different types and the value of skepticism from a professor of Oxford University. He presents five types of skepticism and cites other authors and writings which help me to understand the concept more and be able to better analyze Descartes’ and Hume’s points

Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy – “Hume on religion” This research looks closely at each of Hume’s sections and discusses what details a reader could have missed as well as its main focus is religion. I will use the details from sections one and two, where he talks about skepticism and also look at it from the religious side, because god is one of the main differences Descartes’ and Hume’s theories have.  And “Descartes epistemology”. Here, I also have a closer look at all the meditations with details and main points, which will make it more comfortable to navigate. Also, the author of the article presents his own opinion about Descartes’ ideas, not only facts, so I would be able to compare my vision and his to get the third one I can use in research. 

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