Language acquisition

Paper details:

You have been reading about and discussing child language acquisition. In this paper you will use this knowledge to analyze the case of a “wild child;” that is, a child that had been deprived of human interaction from the age of one until the age of 13.

Your paper should be 6 pages in length to comply with the rules for formal WI course assignments; use a 12 point Times Roman fond, double-spaced. I provide an approximate number of pages for each question.

you must include a reference list, which includes all materials used in your paper. All quotes or paraphrases need to be followed by the name of the author/organization and the page number if you quote from a text. Note: You must watch the documentary “Genie – Secret of the Wild Child” The following are the questions that you need to answer in your paper:

1. Provide a summary of two different language acquisition theories (ca. 1 page)

2. What do you think are necessary conditions for a child to acquire language? (ca. ½ page)

3. What does the Critical Period Hypothesis claim? (ca. ½ page)

4. Give a precise account of Genie’s case. What happened to her before she was admitted to the Children’s Hospital? What happened at the hospital and after the money for the research was cut off? ( ca 1 page).

5. What were the characteristics of Genie’s speech? Give details. (ca. ½ page) 6. Apply the two theories and the Critical Period Hypothesis to Genie’s case. Can any of these explain why Genie never learned to speak fluently? (ca. 1 page)

7. In your opinion, did the research conducted on Genie help her? Explain your answer. What scientific insights did the research provide? (ca. 1 page). 8. What could have been done to prevent the sad outcome of this case? (ca. ½ page)

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