Individual reflection paper

Individual Reflection paper

  • Reflecting upon your experience as a leader, you are expected to write a reflection paper.
  • Try to make use of the concepts and frameworks in the reading materials and classroom discussion when making analysis.
    • Your leadership definition
    • Your thoughts on leading versus managing
    • The important events or activities that have made great impact on you as a person or a leader
    • Your strengths and weakness and your core competency
    • Your values and how they translate into your behavior and actions
    • Your leadership styles
    • Thoughts on your future career steps

5 pages, excluding appendices, double space , 12 size font.

The chapters that I studied in class : Chapter 1 ,2 3, 4, 5,**6**,13, ,**16**, **17** 

** = about leadership

Without ** = management

About me. 

I’m from a country in Southeast Asia, studying master degree of management course in the UK.

My background, my master degree was political science, majoring in public administration.

During third year, I interned in human resource department, in one of the biggest companies in the country.

Forth year, I went to the Bank’s student internship for business study, which I gain educational and learning experiences including basic knowledge of business practices. and practical experience in key areas such as social responsibility and personal leadership.

In leadership area, the participants need to enhance leadership and teamwork skills by working effectively with others in teams and sharing their experiences and opinions in groups. During the program, I also had a chance to make a business proposal with my group, which we won the second price in this project, Judge by the CEO and high executives of the bank. Our product was sheet mask for the body 

After I graduate, I stayed in London about 4 months. And I travel to many countries, such as the UK, Italy, Japan, China, Spain ,…, ,. I’ve learned culture, I met new people, I learnt new things from seeing different part of the world …….

After that I backed to my country, I assisted my family’s construction company as an assistance for one year. 

  • The example of my work: helped doing project research and budgeting for up-coming housing project, communication with suppliers and clients, Redaction and presentation of PR reports, Translate technical documents, participate in the company’s development planning concerning the determination of strategy, budget, human resource, asset allocation, etc.

My future is still not so clear, I once told the teacher in this class that after I graduate, I want to stay in the UK maybe a couple of years, working and learn about how to do business and the market there.

After that I want to create my own career, I want to start my own business. Still not sure that it will be international or domestic, tho.

In my free time, I like to do social activities. Ex: distribute food to the poors, donate and visit the charities, went to the recycle program.

IT’s all for my info, for the strengths, and weakness, core competency value and how they translate into behavior and actions, it would be great if you can make it up for me

Value: family, relationship, social, …… For the value , can also make it up.

Thank you very much.!!

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