Business Strategy

sk1: Understand the process of strategic planning

Under this task, you shall start by analyzing the company’s current situation. Follow the subsequent points: 

1- Company’s background and history, 2- Mission & Vision 3- Goals and Objectives 4- Company size 5-Growth 6- Industry trend ( e-commerce for example because of Covid-19)  7- Customers ( target market) 8-Current Strategies ( Are you making profit?, thinking of expansion etc.….)

Task 2 : Formulating the Strategy:

Under this task, you shall cover the following points:


SWOT analysis

2-Macro Environment

PESTEL analysis  

3-Corporate Governance

How many employees & the (Type of company…sole prop, partnership, LLC, LLP…) 

Draw a Chart showing the corporate governance structure of your company.

4– Evaluate company’s culture. 

How would you describe the culture? How do new members learn the culture? How is the culture maintained in today’s organizations that are characterized by many types of diversity including: gender, race, age, and personality characteristics (ch3)

Task 3: Approaches to Strategy and Selection:

Under this task you shall write about:

1-Corporate (Business) Strategy

Decision to Expand? How will you go about doing this…? (New line of production? Franchise? Merge? Organic Line)?

Task 4: Implementing the chosen Strategy

1-Discuss the estimated resource as human resource, financial resource, time and material resources.( for example how many employees do you need?, How much money do you need and from where ? etc.….).

2-What are the five stages of team development that you shall apply?

3- Which type of leadership style do you prefer to apply and why?

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