Case study report- Greek Hotel Tourism Industry

Additional Assessment details and requirements

Please ensured the framework is related to Greek Hotel Tourism Industry

Please write as a report format and answer the four case questions .

Question 1 use (PESTLE analysis and SWOT) in appendix

  • Prepare the external business environmental with using PESTLE analysis.
  • Internal analysis looking at key resources, capabilities and core competencies of the Greek tourism industry.
  • Then complete a SWOT  (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis on the Greek tourism industry.

Question 2 use (Internal factor evaluation matrix (IFE) and External factor evaluation matrix (EFE) in appendix.)

  • Describe in detail than discussed in the case the alternative subsectors of the Greek tourism industry.
  • Why you believe they are important for the Greek economy ??
  • Suggest some alternate subsectors/market segments that could be included to assist improving the Greek tourism industry

Question 3 (PORTER five forces and Competitive profile matrix (CPM) matrix) in appendix.

  • Describe in detail than discussed in the case the internal competition of the tourism industry.
  • What should the Greek government improve the environment for the internal competitors??
  • Strength and weaknesses , use Porters five forces to analysis it
  • Conduct CPM matrix , compare two or 3 competitors in GREEK tourism industries

Question 4 (Blue ocean strategies)

– How can the quality of the Greek tourist product be improved?

– Talk about Blue ocean strategies in Greek tourism industry, helps Catherine suggest that policymakers take to achieve sustainable growth rates and a prosperous future for the Greek tourism industry

Implemented strategy, your recommendation that coming up with


The words of Appendix does not count into the report!!!!!!!!!

ALL Findings must writes on the content of the report. Researched data and  must list on APPENDIX.

Please use Strategic management ebook as part of the reference

 Hubbard, G, Rice, J and Galvin, P 2018, Strategic Management, 6th edn, Pearson, Sydney, Australia. Chapter 1-4

Access link :!/4/2%5Bvst-image-button-276753%5D%400:0.

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Report format

Assignment Cover sheet

o Title Page

o Executive summary

o Table of Contents

o Introduction

o Body

o Conclusions

o Bibliographic References and Appendices

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