What if the accordion could speak English in many tongues? What if it could tell its side of the story?

Narrative Essay

Due date: November 11 Length: 3 pages minimum (1000 words); typed, double spaced.                                                     Value: 20%       


What if the accordion could speak English in many tongues? What if it could tell its side of the story? Write a narrative in which the green accordion explains its role in the crimes from each chapter of Accordion Crimes.


The leading characters get together with the green accordion for a jam session. They can meet in heaven, or in hell. The scenes of the crimes they speak about must be the actual places mentioned in the book. The theme must involve variations upon the American Dream. And your plot must revolve around          the accordion voicing its point of view about the crimes. Try to imagine         how the accordion must feel.

Your narrative should consist of eight (8) paragraphs or vignettes, one for         each chapter in the novel. Underline one (1) different literary device that you   will use in each paragraph, especially assonance and irony. Your discourse       must consist of college-level English. Vulgar language, or racial slurs,             will result in a failing grade. Your green accordion is rehabilitated!

For example:

Guten Tag! And Howdy Doody!” Hans Beutle shouted out to his friends in hell. A glass of beer in one hand, and the accordion in the other. I will play for you  my American Dreamy ooompapa music!” The green accordion interrupted him. “No you won’t, pops! We all know about all the illegitimate children that you fathered beside the Little Runt River with your ooompapa! (pun) I never liked your grubby hands on my buttons. I never asked to be owned by a dirty farmer. No malice aforethought on my part, I was an innocent victim, just like those girls. You and your goat glands should have done some time inside the prison of a pawn shop. Not me! That would have been more fair.”

Enjoy the interplay of your imagination with the imagination of the author of Accordion Crimes!

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