The Audio Visual Essay – Self-reflexive Task

Assessment 4: Self-reflexive Task

Due date: Friday 23.00, Week 13

Details of task: 

Discuss at least two things you learnt or discovered – for example about design or working in groups or the world outside – through participating in the audio-visual essay project. Word limit for this task is 700 words, no references required.

Weighting/Value: 10%

Criteria for marking (see also marking rubrics attached):

Level 1: Descriptive. Students demonstrate acquisition of new content from significant learning experiences. Their writing provides evidence of gaining knowledge, making sense of new experiences, or making linkages between old and new information.

Level 2: Empathetic. Students demonstrate thoughts about or challenges to beliefs, values, and attitudes of self and others. Their writing provides examples of self-projection into the experiences of other, sensitivity towards the values and beliefs of others, and/or tolerance for differences.

Level 3: Analytic. Students demonstrate the application of learning to a broader context of personal and professional life. Their writing provides evidence of student’s use of readings, observations, and discussions to examine, appraise, compare, contrast, plan for new actions in and outside structured learning experiences.

Level 4: Metacognitive. Students demonstrate examination of the learning process, showing what learning occurred, how learning occurred, and how newly acquired knowledge or learning altered existing knowledge. Their writing provides examples of evaluation or revision of their learning and reasoning strategies, their creative processes and their project management skills.

Overview of my assessments:
Assessment 1: Literature and AV essays review – Individual work
Assessment 2: AV essay exegesis and treatment
Assessment 3: Audio visual essay presentation
             – A2 and A3 Group works

For the Assessment 3, I still working with this assessment. However, the file of A2 treatment is the storyboard of the A3. It means that I will make the video with that storyboard for the A3 Audio visual essay presentation.

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