Self-Reflection and Continued Professional Growth

****My career is in hospital restaurant/retail leadership. This assignment has two parts. ****
Part I: MBA Program Executive Summary
• Review the broad range of topics that you have examined and what you have learned throughout the MBA
• Select concepts or topics that resonated with you the most during your program. What can you do now to
integrate the experiences and insights you’ve had in the MBA program with your personal and professional
development goals?
• Write an Executive Summary that spans the entire range of topics within your MBA program and addresses the
following questions:

  1. Which content, conceptual ideas, frameworks, tools, and assignments in your MBA improved your
    understanding and skills in ways that will enable you to achieve your professional goals?
  2. What impact has your improved understanding had, or what impact do you anticipate your understanding will
    have, on the value you will bring to your role within an organization and the world at large, particularly with
    respect to being an agent for positive change?
  3. How have the content and assignments changed the way you think of your role within the organization and the
    way you will practice your profession?
    Your “MBA Program Executive Summary” should be approximately 700 words (+/- 50 words).
    Part II: MBA Program Assessment and Action Planning
    Reflection Journal: Action Plan
    Recall the concepts or topics you selected as part of your Executive Summary in Part 1. It is now time to bring
    this commitment to life. To do this, identify concrete action items that will support your goal to deepen your
    personal learning experience in the coming year

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