Casino Gambling should be legal in Kentucky

 This writing assignment is in five parts.  *Please note: Before completing this assignment make sure you have completed all the opposing viewpoints rhetorical précis exercises posted on the discussion forum.  This will help you know your major arguments for and against your topic before writing your paper.  Let me know if you have questions

Part A: Background Section

Using the notes you have collected so far on your topic, compose the background section of your research paper.  This section of your paper will provide the reader with a context to help them understand the issue in discussion.  Remember this section tests your ability to give basic information on your topic.  Ask yourself the following questions: What are the critical terms and ideas that should be clearly defined? What are the problems involved? What statistical data and reports clarify the topic? What is the historical context? What changes have occurred? What will happen if no solutions are found? What solutions have been proposed? Who is involved (identify groups) in this debate? What does each group say about the topic (identify opposing viewpoints). By answering the above questions and sharing them with your readers, you give yourself and others a foundation upon which to build further discussion.  In short, you provide a foundation upon which your argument (thesis statement) will spring.  Be sure to end this section of your paper with a thesis statement.  Section length: 3 pages double-spaced (12 point font size).  APA Documentation rules apply.

Part B: Lines of Argument Section: Using the notes you have gathered so far, write the lines of argument section of your paper.  In this section, you are required to support your thesis by presenting reasons to convince your readers that your point of view or proposal is credible.  This is the part where you defend your thesis with concrete evidence from your sources.  Section length: 3 pages double-spaced (12 point font size).  APA Documentation rules apply.

Part C: Refutation Section: After completing the lines of argument section of your paper, you are now ready to write the refutation section.  In this section you are supposed to show your reader that even though you understand your opponent’s view, your arguments and point of view are more credible and acceptable.  Identify your opponents’ claims and rebut in a fair-minded, yet critical fashion (this is where your application of Rogerian style of argumentation will come in handy).  Section length: 3 pages double-spaced (12 point font size).  APA Documentation rules apply.

Part D & E: Introduction and Conclusion Sections

(a) The Introduction: Write the introduction to your paper. The introduction section of your paper should accomplish three tasks: (1) it should get the reader’s attention; (2) it announces what your writing will do; (3) It establishes your credibility as a writer and a spokesperson for a cause or argument (WRP 89).  In a well-developed paragraph of 200-300 words, write the introduction to your paper.  Make a strong opening impression.  Get your reader’s attention and place your thesis at the end of your introduction. (b) The Conclusion: Provide a satisfying conclusion to your writing project.  In summing up the essay, give your readers more to think about and encourage them to respond to implications and significance of your thesis. In addition to restating your thesis, you can adopt other development strategies like asking a question, making a recommendation, calling your reader to action, etc. Leave a lasting impression on the reader.  

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