Capital IQ Project

5 pages + well-structured + cited references
The full requirement details are attached in the file: Project Analysis Rubric 2020.
The Company will be Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.
The company analysis consists of three interrelated parts. The first part provides a broad overview of the firm,
the second part is the industry analysis. The third part of the analysis identifies the current strategy at corporate,
business, and functional levels, labels these strategies, and identifies any changes in strategy in a 5-year period.
There are several sections within each area that cannot be listed in this description due to text constraint. You
must follow the requirement details in the Project Analysis Rubric 2020 file.
You may need information from that I may need to pull for you – you will need to let me
know what you need.
There are two files also attached fro Anglo Gold and AirBnB – they are examples of how this report should turn
out – they are reference material only.
Please let me know if you have other questions

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