Capital Asset Investment (Healthcare Finance)

For this assignment develop a new business or division of healthcare (Ex: Outbound Operating Room)
Must include the following steps:
1) Describe the Project
2) Develop the Forecasted Demand including scenarios and explaining where the Revenues and Costs items that
must be included. estimate amounts based on market researched standards.
3) Complete a basic Prof forma for 2-3 Years and use for 10-15 feasibility analysis (using Time Value of Money
DCF. Use Annuity formulas when appropriate.
4) Complete the Viability by complementing with quantitative and qualitative information and calculating PV of
5) Calculate the NPV, Profitability Index (PI), and Equivalent Annual Cost (EAC) assessments discussed in
Chapter 19.
6) Make a decision and document why you selected this project. (Show calculations)
7) Use APA Format and one of your references (of three that are required) must include this book Essentials of
Health Care Finance 8th ed.

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