Instituting climate as a global common good in Vietnam

CHECKLIST  on the issue

Name of the issue: Instituting climate as a global common good

I / Official definition of key words


II/ Official references/documents

Make the list of treaties, resolutions or any official document which deals with your issue. These will be mentioned in your preambulatory clauses.  

Name of the documentNumber or référenceDateWebsite where it can be found
eg: UN Charter  Article 99  1945  
  • Any other websites relevant to the issue?
  • Last conference on the issue?
    • Location:
    • Date:
    • Website:
  • Name of the commission/council/organisation working on the issue:
  • Website of the commission/council/organisation:
  • Summarise on what the conference has debated/ decided on the issue:

III/ Actual situation on the issue

Give figures, locations, any other information relevant to the issue: ______________________________

IV/ Position of the country on the issue

Did the country sign/ratify any documents (e.g. resolution, treaty) on the issue YES?  NO? 

Give specific references:

Has the country done anything relevant to the issue YES?  NO? 


What elements the country could be ready to add/to change on the issue?


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