Using Scribble Maps ( you will draw and annotate your daily route to Lehman College.

Using Scribble Maps ( you will draw and annotate your daily route to Lehman College. Your map should include a primary route to Lehman College (i.e., the route you use most often) AND a secondary route to Lehman College (i.e., your backup route). Be sure the two routes are distinct – use labels and different colors to identify each route. Save your annotated map and email to  your Professor (directly from Scribble Maps). You should also submit your annotated map to Blackboard: 1) email your annotated map to yourself, 2) copy the map link that appears in the email, 3) click on the assignment link in Blackboard, 4) choose “Write Submission” in Blackboard, 5) paste in the map link, and 6) submit.

*Alternatively, you can draw and annotate your daily route to a job. This map should include distinct primary (i.e., the route you use most often) and secondary (i.e., your backup route) routes. Be sure to label your destination as a job.

Required Elements:

In addition to including a primary and secondary route, your map MUST include the following:

  • Paths (e.g., streets, subway / bus lines, walkways) by route
  • Landmarks – reference points (e.g., physical objects such as a building or sign) by route

Your map MUST also include at least two of the following:

  • Edges – boundaries between two kinds of areas (e.g., barrier closing off one region from another, lines along which two areas are joined together)
  • Districts – sections of the city that have an identifying character (e.g., a wealthy neighborhood)
  • Nodes – strategic points in the city into which a person can enter (e.g., city intersection, places of activity)

Assignment Resources:

Blades, M. (1990). The reliability of data collected from sketch maps. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 10, 327-339. [Available on Blackboard.]

Lynch, K. (2012). “The image of the environment” and “the city image and its elements.” In M. Larice, & E. MacDonald (Eds.), The urban design reader (pp. 125-138). (Original work published 1960). [Available via the Lehman College library.]

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