Write a brief paragraph concerning the most important characteristics of proportional reasoning.

Assignment Guidelines
Write a brief paragraph concerning the most important characteristics of proportional reasoning. Pick an activity
for helping students develop proportional thought processes. You can select or modify any activity in chapter 18
(except the Lemonade Activity) or any activity from the text you use in your classroom, or you can create your
own. Be specific in your description of the activity. Describe what you will do while the students work through
the activity. Make a list of the hints you might need to give students who need help. Describe how you would
ask students to reflect on the activity. Describe how you would assess student learning. What is the CCLS
connection? How would you assess student learning?
Question 2.
Review the activities from the reading and the video. Select one activity and, Reflect on the experience, Include
the following responses in the assignment.
Describe the activity.
List the Common Core Learning Standards that are addressed by this activity
Do you think students will develop understanding of the key concepts as a result of the activity? What are these
key concepts?
How would you adapt the activity for different ability levels?
Were the logistics of the activity reasonable to implement (for example, were materials easy to obtain/create and
What would you do differently if you administered this activity again?
Questions 3
If you have graphing calculators available for your class or an overhead graphing calculator available for
demonstrations, conduct a data analysis activity with at least one of your classes by using the graphical features
of the calculator and requiring students to analyze the relationship(s) between two sets of attributes or
phenomena. If possible, conduct the activity. If it is not possible to conduct the activity, anticipate the end
result(s) of the activity. Describe the class for which you developed the activity, the activity, what relationships
the students would identify, and how the graph(s) would help them identify each relationship.
Assignment Guidelines
First, describe the class for which you designed the activity. Second, describe the activity and the corresponding
CCLS. Be sure you identify the type of graph the activity requires. You may wish to attach a copy of the student
activity sheet(s) to clarify the activity procedure and reduce the amount of written explanation. Third, list any
relationships between the two sets of data the students should be able to determine, and be sure to explain how
the graph(s) would help the students justify each relationship.

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