In the Module 1 SLP, you will write a 3- to 4-page paper in which you will apply the Structural Frame to the organization in which you are currently employed

Module 1 – SLP
SLP Overview
In the Module 1 SLP, you will write a 3- to 4-page paper in which you will apply the
Structural Frame to the organization in which you are currently employed (or in
which you have worked previously).
Overview of the LED599 SLP Sequence
Before we begin the Module 1 SLP, two very important and related points should be
emphasized, as they are fundamental to an understanding of the Module 1 SLP:

  1. All four frames can be used to assess any given organization, because all
    organizations have structural, human resources, political, and symbolic
    characteristics; and
  2. Different leaders use lenses – or frames – through which they view their
    organizations. Certain leaders will tend to use one frame predominantly, while
    others tend to be more balanced, choosing one of the frames depending on the
    circumstances. The important point here is that there is no “right” frame through
    which a leader should or must view any given organization or any particular set of
    organizational circumstances. At the same time, it is helpful for a leader to
    understand which frame (or frames) he/she is actively using. It is also critical that
    leaders be aware that there are four frames – not one – and that the use of others
    may be beneficial to effective sensemaking as well (importantly, this helps leaders
    to better avoid organizational “blind spots”).
    The Module 1 SLP requires that you write a 3- to 4-page paper, in which you
    address the following:
    After you briefly describe the organization in which you presently work – or in which
    you have previously worked – apply the Structural Frame to the organization,
    analyzing the effectiveness of two or three structural characteristics you have
    Keys to the Assignment
    The key aspects of this assignment that should be covered in your paper include the
    following (note there are two parts to this SLP):
    Part 1:
    In a minimum of two pages:
    Briefly describe your organization – name, what it does, size (number of
    employees, annual revenue, relative market share, etc.);
    Describe the organizational design of your chosen organization. Is it effective?
    Why or why not?
    Choose 2 or 3 structural characteristics of your organization (e.g., strategic
    planning process, goals, objectives, policies, procedures, rules, budgets and
    other allocation of resources, etc.); and
    Discuss the relative effectiveness of the structural characteristics you have
    identified. If you were CEO of your company, what (if anything) might you do
    differently? Why would you make any changes you suggest?
    Part 2:
    Complete the Leadership Orientations Questionnaire, and score your results.
    In a minimum of two pages:
    Report your scores for each of the Four Frames.
    After you have completed an in-depth self-assessment of
    your scores, discuss how your scores inform your personal
    leadership style. For instance, what do your scores (high
    and low) collectively suggest about your leadership
    tendencies and about the ways in which you personally
    make sense of organizational events?Might your low
    scores indicate areas in which you may have leadership
    “blind spots”?
    SLP Assignment Expectations
    Your paper will be evaluated using the following five (5) criteria:
    Assignment-Driven Criteria: Does the paper fully address all Keys to the
    Assignment? Are the concepts behind the Keys to the Assignment addressed
    accurately and precisely using sound logic? Does the paper meet minimum length
    Critical thinking: Does the paper demonstrate graduate-level analysis, in which
    information derived from multiple sources, expert opinions, and assumptions has
    been critically evaluated and synthesized in the formulation of a logical set of
    conclusions? Does the paper address the topic with sufficient depth of discussion
    and analysis?
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    Business Writing: Is the paper well-written (clear, developed logically, and wellorganized)? Are the grammar, spelling, and vocabulary appropriate for graduatelevel work? Are section headings included in all papers? Are paraphrasing and
    synthesis of concepts the primary means of responding to the Keys to the
    Assignment, or is justification/support instead conveyed through excessive use of
    direct quotations?
    Effective Use of Information (Information Literacy): Does the paper
    demonstrate effective research, as evidenced by student’s use of relevant and
    quality sources? Do additional sources used in paper provide strong support for
    conclusions drawn, and do they help in shaping the overall paper?
    Citing Sources: Does the student demonstrate understanding of APA Style of
    referencing, by inclusion of proper end references and in-text citations (for
    paraphrased text and direct quotations) as appropriate? Have all sources (e.g.,
    references used from the Background page, the assignment readings, and
    outside research) been included, and are these properly cited? Have all end
    references been included within the body of the paper as in-text citations?

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