Judicial case based on a healthcare argument.

Legal Research

Paper requirements: APA format, 3 pages (double-spaced), citation/reference page (minimum of 2 references, 5 is more credible) and cover page

Topic: Judicial case based on a healthcare argument. After displaying information regarding the case in your own words, take an argumentative stance regarding which side you believe to be true.

Grading: You will NOT be graded based on the side you argue for within the case, there are no right or wrong view-points. Please try not to make this assignment political in any way.

3-5 minute presentation: record yourself discussing your research and thoughts. PowerPoint optional.

Grading will elicit 3 ideals:

1) A well written paper with limited grammatical issues/errors

2) A convincing argument which reveals you did proper research before coming up with your viewpoint of the case

3) A good presentation of the facts and your consideration of viewpoint you took

Legal Research= 15% of total grade.

Start working on this early!

**remember, google scholar is very helpful!

Case Example (Do not use this example for your mock trial):

California Hospital to Pay More Than $3.2 Million to Settle Allegations That It Violated the Physician Self-Referral Law


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