In designing a program what would you include? Why?

Please read Chapter 6.  This chapter builds up your knowledge of key health problems and will help you to organize your answer to the  question.


You have been put in charge of a health promotion program (at a workplace or community center).  In designing a program what would you include?   Why?  Your answer should demonstrate a knowledge of common health problems and health protective behaviors.

Please indicate pages referenced.  Any material that is a direct quote should be indicated in quotation marks.  Demonstrate in your answer a knowledge of the course issues and readings chapters 1-5.  Answer should have approximately 3 direct quotes and 3 paraphrased references to the text.  (A paraphrased reference is the use of ideas from a source, but is not a direct quote).  Both must have page references.  Support your answer with appropriate health data.  It is not necessary to research your answer beyond the text.  You may want to include data from your Field Trip.

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