What separated Hamiltons vision from Jeffersons?

Hamiltons vision from Jeffersons

  1. Watch short video #1 and watch the 13-minute chunk I marked out for you in video #2 New
    York: The Documentary Film by Ric Burns.
    Video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CupGQrUNOkU
    Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1omW-OPlRk&t=24s
  • Watch the documentary film from time-stamp 1:01:00 up to 1:14:30 (1hr 14 minutes 30
  1. Read through PowerPoint show #3 and follow the threads as best you can. (There is info
    about the problems regarding hostility between Great Britain and France in this PPT.)
  • Uploaded in materials called “A New Nation FALL 2020”
  1. Watch video #4 and/or read PDF #5 (the two together will give you the fullest picture).
    Video 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP1pDUwV5hE&feature=youtu.be
    PDF document – uploaded in material called “5. Lecture #13 PDF “Supreme Authority: Marbury
    v. Madison”
    USING YOUR NOTES, write a substantive reflection that answers all or most of the prompts.
    Concrete well-chosen discussion is more important than writing lots and lots 🙂
    Write down your takeaways from Unit 7.
  2. What are the important debates of these early years?
  3. Try to identify relevant issues and conflicts that are detailed in the overview videos, the
    PPT presentation, and in the info about Marbury v. Madison.
    For example:
  • What separated Hamilton’s vision from Jefferson’s?
  • Why were Southerners opposed to NYC being the capital of the new nation, and why
    was Hamilton willing to give up having the capital in NYC?
  • Why were people so divided over friendliness towards France vs. friendliness vs. Great
    Britain, and why did some think neutrality was the wisest course?
  • What significant conflicts internally in the new Republic did these differences lead to?
  • How did John Marshall’s Supreme Court become so important in the early 1800s (the
    case of the midnight judges, “judicial review”….)?

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