Create a 3-page departmental plan to address the corporate initiative of doubling sales outlined in a scenario.

Planning and Organization

Create a 3-page departmental plan to address the corporate initiative of doubling sales outlined in a scenario. Resources Assessment Resources The following resources are required to complete the assessment. Presentation From the CEO. CEO’s Sales Goal Announcement [PDF].

CEO’s Memo to Managers [PDF]. Sales and Marketing Organizational Chart [DOCX].

Assessment Instructions

In this assessment, you will create a departmental plan to address the corporate initiative of doubling sales outlined in the scenario below.

The scenario presented here will be applicable to the next assessment as well. Preparation

Choose one of the following functional areas with which to base your assessment work. Sales and marketing. Scenario Note: Review each of the following resources. You will need them to complete this assessment. Imagine that your application to Atha was successful and have been working as manager for a short time in the department you chose above when the Atha CEO shares the following communications with staff: Presentation From the CEO. CEO’s Sales Goal Announcement [PDF]. CEO’s Memo to Managers [PDF].

Organizational charts. (Note: To meet the distinguished level for the reorganization criterion for this assessment, you will need to update one of this chart to reflect your suggested organizational changes). Sales and Marketing Organizational Chart [DOCX]. Instructions Create your department’s response plan (3 pages) to the new corporate initiative of doubling sales and the information presented in the CEO’s Sales Goal Announcement [PDF].

Make sure to address all requirements. Additional Requirements Your assessment should also meet the following requirements: Format: Submit a professional and well-organized Word document. Length: 3 pages double-spaced pages. APA format: Use current APA style and formatting guidelines.

Letter from CEO:

Good Afternoon one and all! I have asked all of my mangers, from the vice presidents to my department managers, to be here today, so that I can share with you an exciting vision for Atha Corporation.

I have just recently completed negotiations with a venture capitalist to provide us with the financial resources necessary to achieve an unprecedented goal: to double our company sales in the next fiscal year, beginning 90 days from today. You are expected to complete this year’s business on a strong note.

You will be required to develop plans to add critical equipment and staff, so that we are hitting next year’s goals from the first day of our next business cycle. Each of you will need to evaluate the organizational structure that you have now, allocate existing and new resources, both human and equipment, to provide for the greatest efficiencies and productivity possible. I have prepared a list of functional area goals for each of you to accomplish. Those goals are in the manager information packet that is available in front of you there. Each functional area vice-president will have specific goals, which are impacted by the goals, objectives, and activities of the other functional areas.

You will have to work closely with each other in order to ensure company success. We have employee performance problems in most of our functional areas. You will need to evaluate the source of those problems, and develop a strategy to increase employee responses from their current levels.

Working with Human Resources, you will need to properly utilize your existing staff, and hire new people to accomplish your goals. My family and I have invested everything we have into this effort… failure is not an option for us! As members of the management team, you will take your functional area goals and convert them to actionable plans in alignment with our company goals.

Help them reach those goals – because their success is our success! Now, let’s get after it! CEO sales goal Announcement: Atha Corporation To: CC: From: Re: All Employees Executive Management Mary Atha, CEO Doubling Sales A goal of doubling our sales has been established by my executive management team.

This is a newlycreated, bold, and audacious goal made possible by a win-win relationship with a white knight i n the form of a venture capital f irm. Retaining and hiring high quality human capital wil l be made possible by this new investment. Adoption of new leading edge technology and increased capacity will a lso be made possible by this i nfusion of new investment. Our company’s executive management tea m see s an exciting future for the organization. Our goal c an only be met with your help and that of the other middle managers of the company.

We want you to empower your people, create synergy by re-organizing your department, and establish operational goals that can be obtained, measured, reported, and continuously improved. The latent talents of our employees, we believe, are a source of untapped sustainable competitive advantage for the company. Reaching our goal of doubling sales i s r eliant on successfully engaging employees; our management team feels strongly about that.

These efforts stand to be derailed by employee dissatisfaction if we do not do something about it r ight away. The sources of dissatisfaction must be found and fixed with the help of our human resources department. Accomplishing this objective is believed to be one of your highest priorities. My executive management team and I believe that to efficiently manage your departments’ limited resources you must effectively plan, organize, lead, and control your department. Mistakes were made in the past. Taking the goals given to you by your vice president, and breaking them down to supporting activities, communicating them to your staff and measuring the results i s t he way for you to be a successful manager. Good luck with your plans, we are counting on you.


Mary Atha, CEO Atha Corporation CEO to Managers:

Atha Corporation Hi Managers!As you know, we have declared a goal of doubling the company’s current $5 million in sales in the next year. We believe this is realistic and attainable, but we need your help to start ramping up. Leadership is asking all department managers to share how their department plans to respond to our new goals. Your initial plan should focus on articulating new strategic objectives and the reorganization ofyour department to meet them.

Increased production and anticipated sales growth should be the drivers. Assume that you can request and will be granted reasonable resources to carry out your plan, so envision the department that you want and need. I want you to do the following:

•State your top three strategic departmental objectives or goals for the next three months, and explain how they align to and support the stated corporate goal.

•Describe two critical support activities needed to achieve each goal in detail. Why are they the most important?

•Specify a timeline with realistic milestones that support each goal.

•Describe and justify your department’s reorganization that is designed to respond to the business challenge.

•Analyze your most critical or difficult decision and the top consideration associated with it. This could be organization structure, a new hire, timing, objective-setting, et cetera.Also, state any assumptions that you need to make to support your decisions. We are all moving pretty fast and information is imperfect.I look forward to seeing your ideas by the end of the week.Sincerely,Mary

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