Source-based article on genre, audience, and rhetorical situation

For this assignment, you will write a 6–8 page source-based article, in which you will go beyond summarizing to analyze and make connections between the concepts of genre, audience, and rhetorical situation, and begin to develop a theory of writing. You will choose three of the assigned sources (which represent a variety of genres) listed above, from which you will incorporate evidence to support your ideas about these key concepts and reflect on a possible theory of writing. You must first define the key terms audience, genre, and rhetorical situation and investigate their relationships within the context of all sources in order to determine the connections between them. You will closely analyze the sources you choose to write about in your article, looking at how each writer uses genre, handles the rhetorical situation, and reaches an audience. As you develop your article you will incorporate both the rhetorical strategies we will explore in class and your understanding of audience, genre, and rhetorical situation.

Use these 3 sources

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