International Comparative Education

To understand the uniqueness and significance of education as practiced in the United States, it is important to realize that not every country in the world has a similar system. For this discussion, your task is to research the educational practices of one country and present your findings in a POWERPOINT to be reviewed. Your presentation should include the following:

  1. how the educational system is leveled
  2. whether it is public or private

3.whether it is mandatory

  1. who has access (socioeconomic, religious, ethnic influences)
  2. the education of students with disabilities
  3. whether it is nationwide or varies by locale
  4. connection between education and career choice (flexibility or lack of flexibility regarding choice).

Any country may be studied, but please consider exploring nations in the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and the Middle East as many of you will have the opportunity to teach students who have immigrated from these parts of the world.

APA formatting for references

It is imperative that you use the following rubric. Double check that your PowerPoint presentation has all the necessary items and covers all numbers stated above.

*** Research must include 5 or more systemic components with integrated references to student/societal impact

*** Slides should be engaging. A variety of visuals which illustrate or enhance meaning of text should be used

*** There should be 10 slides with no errors in grammar and spelling.

*** 3 or more reliable sources must be used (APA sources – APA formatting for references

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