The use of pricing structure in apparel influences consumer purchasing decisions.

School of Business
MKTG 493 Marketing Capstone #3017
Fall 2020
Professor Arentsen
Assignment 1: “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”
– Bill Gates
Our first assignment is a Review Essay. For this assignment you will find 5 scholarly articles.
Read them and follow this outline:
• Introduction paragraph(s) (no more than 2). What is the general topic? How is the topic
defined? What are the issues?
o Your introduction cannot be more than the first page (including your basic heading). If
you are writing more than that, then your “introduction” is really a long summary.
• Paragraph 2 (or 3). “This Review Essay will explore… It will examine…” What is the point
of this essay? What will I get out of it?
o Again this should only be one paragraph. Briefly explain what the goal of your paper
is. Think of this as the abstract of the academic journal articles you search through,
which you use to decide whether to keep reading. It tells the reader what to expect.
• Body of the paper. Follow what you mapped out in Paragraph 2. Discuss (not summarize) the
ideas of each article in isolation (briefly) and how they work together. What can be learned by
combining what the articles are saying?
DO NOT simply summarize the articles. This is not a summary – it is a review. That means it requires
YOUR ideas and analysis.
This assignment has several goals.

  1. Begin working on your final Project topic. Not just thinking about it, considering it, or mulling
    it over – all synonymous with procrastinating while believing you are actually doing
    something. By actively researching and reading articles related to your topic, you will find
    information that will help clarify, refine, and narrow your focus and your ideas.
  2. Get reacquainted to doing academic research, and newly acquainted to doing academic
    research to write an academic paper to pass this Capstone course demonstrating your
    qualifications to earn your academic degree in Marketing. After 7+ semesters, show all that
    you have learned – across all of your courses – with this one final paper.
  3. Get feedback on your first assignment where you will find, analyze, connect, and write about
    the ideas of others and use those ideas to support your ideas. Feedback that will help you
    successfully complete your final Project. The more work you put into this assignment, the more
    valuable the feedback can be to you.
    Grading on this assignment will be based on three things:
    First, how well you understand the ideas of each individual article, and how they fit together.
    If you misunderstand an article, you cannot use it to support your writing.
    Second, can you draw conclusions from the sources. These will be YOUR ideas on what is
    discussed and explained in the articles. Again, not summarizing the articles. You must include
    your own ideas of how the articles relate to each other.
    Third, your writing must be professional level which includes correct usage of APA style.
    If you cannot resist the inexplicably need to write summaries that is okay. However, no summary of
    anything should be more than ONE (1) sentence. Summarize an article in ONE sentence. Then move
    on to explain what the article is saying. You will, of course, incorporate paraphrases and quotes in
    your explanation, but that is still not a summary.
    Assignment due Sunday 11 October 2020 by 2:00pm on Blackboard. Late assignments will not
    be accepted after the submission window closes.
    • Word or pdf format (not a Google Doc)
    • Full APA style
    • 5 scholarly journal articles to review
    • 5 pages, 1” margins, 12 point Times New Roman, double spaced
    • Page numbers: upper right, no page number on the first page
    • No cover page, just use a simple heading
  • Name
  • Date
  • Review Essay
  • Your Hypothesis

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