Responses to Authority

(1)Revisiting the Stanford prison experiment.
(2) Critical Thinking and Obedience to Authority.
(3) The Follower Problem by David Brooks (The New York Times) These are the 3 essays in my course topic(response to authority).
Keep in mind Zimbardo’s essay (Stanford prison experiment) is an expression of his views on the experiment years later also keep in mind power of situation. good people versus bad situations.
Attached is the first summary wrote on the topic which my professor gave me a horrible grade on.
Here are a list of other requirements as well

  1. be 3-4 pages long (that means at least something on p. 4)
    1. must be written in the third person (no I, we, you, our, etc., unless they occur in a quotation)
    2. must include a quotation from each of the 3 essays in each individual unit
    3. must provide a citation for any material from the presentation which is referenced in the essay
    4. must include a Works Cited page

Also, please keep in mind that while you are writing about ideas — rather than essays — you will be referencing the essays –all 3 in each unit –, as they provide the support you need for your thesis.

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