Relate an experience which helped you to mature in some important way

An effective learning-experience narrative will have a strong introduction which indicates the topic and the overall experience, and will hint at the point, not state it outright. Your thesis statement should be the last sentence of your introduction
An effective narration essay must have topic and transitional sentences. You may use personal pronouns.
The point of learning in a learning-experience narrative is never trivial, but instead shares something of significance to a wide audience of readers.
The point of learning in a learning-experience narrative is built-in from the beginning of the essay by the writer indicating his area of ignorance or misconception, and then in the body, providing the necessary emphasis on his thoughts and emotions relevant to the point.
An effective narrative distinguishes between major and minor events or details, as well as between essential and non-essential events or details.
An effective narrative will have a clear sequence of events around a base chronological order.

Proper MLA Formatting

Correct Grammar and Spelling

An ability to analyze deep and look beyond the superficial/surface level

Proper academic tone—you CAN use “I” ad first person references, but you should still avoid using a hypothetical “you.”

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