Reflective Essay: Learning About Myself as a Learner

Reflective Essay: Learning About Myself as a Learner

After in-depth reading, research, and discussion connecting our RTG mentor text (FTKMF) and key concepts from DAACS, the reflective essay is designed to help you articulate your place in a learning environment.  For your final exam, please respond to the reflective essay prompts below.

Reflective essay instructions: Please answer both questions. Your essay should be a minimum of 350 words minimum (not including the questions) for the entire essay. Your answers should be double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 or Calibri 11.

  1. What do your DAACS self-regulated learning (SRL) results and the feedback tell you about your learning skills? Please use your results from DAACS and the feedback to support your analysis.
  • Which suggested strategies from the DAACS feedback are you committed to using this year? Explain why you are committed to using those strategies

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