Contribute to the accuracy and quality of the letters of support, while noting the following points when answering this questionnaire:

  • Fill out questionnaires in Word document format, do not save them in PDF format.
  • The questionnaires need to provide us with answers that allow for the development of fact-based letters that report your success and professional growth.  The person who will sign the letter gives their testimony of your contributions to your industry, describing how they witnessed your professional performance.
  • The information needs to be accurate and include well explained technical details of your area.
  • Please send all four questionnaires simultaneously for analysis. We will not analyze questionnaires which are sent separately on different dates. 
  • We will return the questionnaires to you if the information is not adequate for preparation of the letters of support.

If the information in the questionnaires is sufficient, we will draft the support letters and send them to you in order for them to be printed and the signatures collected.


Please provide their resume (copy it on this sheet or send in separate attachment).


2.1  . How, when and where did you meet client professionally:

– Mention in which company both worked

– What position did petitioner and signee occupy at the time

– Give a brief description of the functions of each

– Mention how they met


We have worked together at Ind. E Com. Ltda. We met in 2000 when client was part of the team I coordinated.

Client occupied the position of Supervisor and I occupied the position of Coordinator.

As a supervisor, the Client was responsible for:

Carrying out drilling services in accordance with the drilling plan provided by the customer;

Lead and supervise directional drilling operations on leases running the lowest cost projects;

Assemble machines according to the engineering plan.

Operate, inspect and maintain the bottom engines on the platform.

Develop daily and final reports with service information. Draw graphs with the well trajectory and provide directional data to the customer. Perform background engine operations, collaborate with the measurement and recording team while drilling (MWD), and use parameters that optimize drilling.

Manage the tools on the platform keeping their track up to date. Demonstrate commitment to quality, health, safety and the environment. Attend safety meetings and keep equipment in safe operating condition at all times. 

As a Coordinator I was the main interface between the company and the client management team. I was responsible to start, track and complete the management process for each operation/well. Reviewed customer/contract requirements. Acted as support for the operations of the company. Managed post work activities and reports.

  • . Please give a detailed account of one or more occasions when you have experienced or observed the technical capacity of the client (mention a project, a professional moment where the client stood out among others, or describe a specific technical skill that differentiates him from the others): 

Practical example for item 2.2:

“Most of the projects executed together with the client are confidential and of medium or high complexity, bringing significant impacts to our clients.

I followed the client’s trajectory in the company and in the development of these projects and achieved results, attesting the quality, leadership, professional posture and results obtained.

From 2010 he led the initiatives as executive responsible for the Telecommunications area in the consultancy implementing the strategies of the Company to act in this sector, executive of reference for articles, media and events, executive responsible for receiving and advising all the commissions of companies and government agencies and classes interested in doing business in Brazil and in the region.

We can highlight among the hundreds of projects carried out, in addition to the contributions and strategic, financial and operational results brought to the companies, 3 projects whose impacts have extended beyond financial and operational: project1, project2 and project3.

Explain the projects, how client acted, how he contributed to the success of such a project, what goals were completed, how the client was able to solve such problems.”

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