Principles of Quality Management

Individual Research Reading and Analysis Assignment Sheet

Weight: 10% (of semester total)

Select an article from the following academic journals, and conduct an analysis according

to the requirements specified below.

Journal lists:

Journal of Quality Management (Elsevier)

Journal Operations Management (Elsevier)

International Journal of Production Research (Taylor & Francis)

Total Quality Management & Business Excellence (Taylor & Francis)

Quality Management Journal (American Society for Quality)

The Quality Assurance Journal (Wiley)

International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management (Emerald)

International Journal of Operations & Production Management (Emerald)

The TQM Journal (Emerald)

You may check other journals of the above academic publishers for articles that are

relevant to quality management research suitable for this assignment.

Analysis requirements:

Your analysis should discuss the following aspects of the selected article.

  • Objectives and scope of the article (10 marks)
  • Problems and issues identified and addressed by the article (25 marks)
  • Solutions/findings of the article (25 marks)
  • Theoretical and practical implications identified (25 marks) (Practical

implications may include those relevant to businesses, society, and the supply chain profession.)

Your report will also be assessed for the following quality requirements (15 marks):

  • Quality of writing,
  • accurate information,
  • free of errors.
  • organization of information,
  •  front page with student name and course information,
  • introduction and conclusion.

Please provide complete title and reference information, and also URL for article access.

Length of report:

Generally speaking, the content is more important than the length of your report.

Approximately four to five pages will be enough (double spacing Times New

Roman, 12 point).

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