marketing six steps

Develop and submit the first six steps of the marketing research plan for your Group Marketing Research Project by the end of this week. Specifically, you should do the following: Pick your research topic. You are free to choose your own research topic as long as it is related to marketing. For example, you can try to see whether consumers are satisfied with an existing product, or you can do research on what consumers think about the packaging, pricing strategy, and advertisements of this product. Decide which approach you will take to solve your marketing research problem. Formulate your general research hypotheses (e.g., what you predict, what you expect to find at the end of this research) and the information needed to solve the problem. Decide on your research design. Remember from Lesson 2 (page 2.3–2.6) that this can be an exploratory, descriptive, or causal research design (or a combination). Argue why you chose a certain design and what kinds of research methods you will use to collect data (e.g., focus groups, secondary data, experiments, etc.).

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