homelessness in San Francisco

Researching Homelessness in San Francisco

San Francisco is often described as a beautiful and affluent city, yet we all confront a troubling situation that seems out of place here: homelessness. Many people, including the editors of the San Francisco Chronicle, have gone so far as to call homelessness “San Francisco’s challenge of the times.” There are many questions to study and discuss in order to understand and pursue solutions to homelessness and its related challenges.

For this essay, you will first research a sub-topic related to homelessness in order to gain a deeper understanding of this complex issue. Then, you will write an essay in which you share your findings and analyze the issue for an audience of your peers.

To develop and support your essay, you will need to:

  •                   Choose one of the subtopics on Homelessness. Essays that do not focus on an issue specific 
to Homelessness in San Francisco will receive No Credit. 

  •                   Present enough background for your audience to understand the context and 
importance of your topic. 

  •                   Develop your essay with statistics, facts, examples, and expert opinions from your 
sources and analyze the connections between the evidence & your thesis. 

  •                   Explain to your reader the significance of what you discover in your research. Essays that merely summarize information will not be considered for an A or B grade. Audience 
Your audience will be your classmates and other Northern California residents who would benefit from the knowledge you have gained from your research. In addition to presenting and analyzing information about your topic, you should convince your audience of why this issue is important to them. Purpose 
Your purpose in conducting research is to gain a fuller understanding of your subtopic and why it is important to us as Californians. Your essay should clearly present your research results using one, or a combination of these rhetorical options: 

  •                   informing your audience of a significant problem, analyzing the causes, and explaining why it is important for us to know about it 
  •                   presenting a problem and reporting on possible solutions, ending with an evaluation of these solutions. 


MY SUBTOPIC: How have the various mayors of San Francisco tried to solve the homeless problem?

Please provide information regarding with various policies and actions proposed by previous mayors. Analyze their solutions and explain how effective their solutions were and if it did, why they failed.

Also present some possible solutions that can lift homelessness in the city.


Useful source: http://projects.sfchronicle.com/sf-homeless/letters-from-the-mayors/

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