Grave’s disease for 17 years old adolescents

Parent Teaching Project (5%)

A critical component of pediatric nursing is teaching parents how to care for their child, particularly during an illness or after a procedure.  To develop this skill, the student will complete a parent teaching project. 

Students will be assigned a topic and developmental stage upon which to focus.  With that information, the student will need to determine what health education (AKA parent/patient teaching) needs to be conducted prior to this virtual patient being discharged.  The students will then role-play the teaching session, using a student chosen by the instructor as the “parent” and with the rest of the clinical group observing. 

The project must include:

  • The critical components of home care for the assigned topic
  • Developmentally appropriate instruction-
    • The teaching reflects the developmental level of the parent and patient. (e.g., home care instructions for an infant should include the food appropriate for an infant rather than a school aged child).
  • A written handout that summarizes the “take home” points for the parent to keep as a reference after the teaching session.
  • A bibliography containing no fewer than three professional journal articles with one being a pediatric specific article.  The articles must be less than five years old.  Use of APA format for references is expected. 
  • A clear, creative, logical progression geared to a learner at an 8th grade level
Category4321  0  
  Introduction  Topic clearly stated in introTopic stated near the beginning of introTopic not clear until part way through introTopic stated toward the end of the introTopic not stated in intro
Developmentally Appropriate Teaching  The teaching reflects the developmental level of the parent and patient.Teaching is mostly effective but could be more developmentally appropriateThe teaching is somewhat effective- doesn’t explain why the topic is importantIt is not completely clear if teaching has been effective or developmentally consistent for patient Teaching not developmentally appropriate
Delivery  Speaker communicates enthusiasm, sincerity, and honesty. Speaker communicates each of 3 categories but not to full capability      Speaker communicates only 2 of the categories  Speaker communicates only one of the categoriesSpeaker does not seem to care about the speech at all.  
Preparation  Evidence of preparation ahead of timeSpeaker seems mostly preparedSpeaker only prepared somewhat for presentation  Speaker only spent a bit of time preparingSpeaker clearly has not prepared  
Organization  Presentation is well organized and easy to followDifficulty identifying the focus of the presentationPresentation is only half organizedSpeaker spent little time organizing the presentationThe presentation is not organized or tough to follow  
Language  Language is clear and precise; good choice of descriptive words, does not read from screen or notesSlightly lacking in one of the categories Reads from the notesSome word choices could be better, or the speech was difficult to understand Reads from notesLargely lacking in one or both of the categories Reads from notesWord choice was poor and non-descriptive Reads from all notes    
Subject Knowledge  Subject knowledge is evident throughout the project. All info is clear and correct  Knowledge is evident in much of the project. Most info is clear and correct.Some knowledge is evident, but some info is confusing and/or incorrectVery little knowledge is evident-most info is confusing and/or correct.Subject knowledge is not evident. Info is confusing, incorrect and flawed.
Writing Mechanism  The text is clearly written with very few errors to detract from content.  The text is clearly written but a few spelling and/or grammar errors are noticeable.Spelling and grammar errors detract but content is understandableThere are many spelling and grammar errors but content is mostly understandableThere are many errors in grammar and spelling and detract from the meaning of the paper
Layout  The layout is pleasing to the eye, appropriate, to the message, and uses space well. Handout provided adequate but not overwhelming summary points.  Clarity, creativity, and logical progression of the presentation; 8th grade levelThe layout uses most of the space appropriately. Most of the handout is easy to read.  Some fonts or font sizes could have been chosen better.  Lacking creativity and logical progression of contentThe layout shows some structure but the space is not used well, appearing cluttered or empty. Overall readability is difficult.  The layout is unstructured, confusing and cluttered. Does not use space correctly. The text is very difficult to read.
ReferencesAt least 3 professional references listed in APA formatOnly 2 professional references listed, minor APA error1-2 professional references listed, moderate APA errors1 professional reference with APA errorsReferences not listed in APA format

Rubric Total 10 x 4 = _________________________________/40 Points

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