e-Business Final

  1. IMHO eComm will continue to grow because it is relatively “frictionlesss” when compared to offline business processes. In a few short paragraphs discuss what might be meant by “frictionless” (BTW – put on your thinking caps, this one won’t be found in the text).


  • explain how architectures are pivots between business-oriented design and technology-oriented design of e-Business scenarios.


  • explain why it is important to choose points in time wisely when analyzing past and future developments.


  • explain why business strategy provides the “umbrella” for a set of concrete business models.


  • explain why a good e-Business analyst or designer must always consciously balance between separation and integration of aspects


Grefen, P. (2015). Beyond e-business : Towards networked structures. ProQuest Ebook Central https://ebookcentral.proquest.com

Paul Grefen. (2016). Beyond E-Business : Towards Networked Structures. Routledge.

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