Content Analysis Project

1) Choose four media episodes/shows (22 -60 mins). (you can alternate NEW journal articles for shows, books, other sources.)

a) they should be the same show/series, but don’t have to be if you have a reason.

b) create your code sheet (use the attached sheet as a model)

c) qualitative (themes) or quantitative (words/actions)

d) define themes or actions

2) Count the (this is up to you) images, stories,clothing, ages, gender, race, class, income, violence, sex, drugs, etc.

3) Explain why chose to watch for this purpose (a) how did you decide what to count and (b) what criteria did you use to make sure you counted what you said you counted

4) Analyze your findings, what did you find and what does it mean

1200-1600 words (include pics if you want) (8pts)

Share/summarize your findings to the class next week in a brief (2pts)

1) presentations should be approx. 2 minutes

2) should explain WHY you chose this medium and particular content

3) should explain HOW you DEFINED what you would MEASURE and how you measured it

4) what you found (ex. in 187 minutes I found 207 images of violence or in 4 episodes I found the portrayal of women limited to supporting roles and featured less than 6 mins of dialogue total)

5) What should we take away from this, what is the critical understanding we have missed.

Content Analysis is often about uncovering unsettling messages. View this film as a primer for your project.

Consider how viewing these films reinforces beliefs about equality, gender, class, sexuality, etc

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