Consumer Behaviour: Understanding The Changing Consumer Environment and how this influences the Consumer Decision making process today

Assessment Task

There is a choice of tasks:

• Your group are to write a report on one of the topics listed below. The report should be 2500-3000 words long and must show evidence of:

• Primary and secondary research to support findings, conclusions and recommendations.
• There should be evidence of critical analysis in the report component.
• Self-directed academic research should be featured throughout presentation and report.
• Examples should be integrated where appropriate and field work would add credibility to the work.
• Students may also use statistics where appropriate to support their answers.

The report is to be done in groups of 3 min or a max of 5 and must be written in a report style with appropriate headings and sections making reference to appropriate academic contexts, theory and literature.

Your options are as follows;

Choice 1:

‘The learning and memory process is of great interest to retailers and brand owners. Understanding how consumers learn and make decisions can give hugely valuable insights into consumer behaviour’

Choosing a product / brand / business sector, critically analyse and discuss this statement drawing reference to academic theory where appropriate.


Choice 2:

‘Self-concept is the person’s ideas and feelings about him/herself. It has an important role to play in understanding consumer behaviour, since people will buy products, which contribute to their self-concept. The consumption of products and services contributes to the definition of the self’

Examining a particular brand or brands / products, critically analyse and discuss the importance of understanding the self-concept in consumer behaviour. The integration of theories and concepts that relate to the self-concept is expected.

Choice 3:

‘Perception is the process by which individuals select, organise, and interpret stimuli into a meaningful and coherent picture of the world. Perception has strategy implications for marketers because consumers make decisions based on what they perceive rather than on the basis of objective reality’.

Critically analyse and discuss a retail brand of your choice (store, product or service brand) investigating how they use perception as a competitive tool. Virtual and physical presence should be taken into account and reference and linkage to literature is important.


Choice 4:

‘Opinion leaders and Market Mavens have a key influential role within consumer behavior’.

Examining the literature provided and choosing a current product or service brand, or a complex social phenomenon, critically analyze and discuss how these elements of influence have evolved and changed in modern day marketing.

Student must submit an original piece of work.
• The write-up shall clearly exhibit students’ own understanding and synthesis of the material provided.

• Write up will be graded on clarity of thought and expression, strength of ideas, logic and argument, as well as evidence of originality.


• Polish the ability to read and understand theoretical material.
• Create an ability to synthesize theoretical material and connect it to real world events.
• Produce a written document focused on a singular theme.

Assessment Criteria

Introduction 10%
• Do the students clearly identify and explain their objectives and outline how they propose to organize the assignment?

The Theoretical corpus 10%
• Do the students identify the theoretical material and the authors they plan to use clearly and competently?
• Are they able to identify the concepts from within the literature that they plan to apply to their exemple.

Analysis 50%
• Do the students present the core theoretical perspectives in their own words without much paraphrasing?
• Do they make considerations for differences in points of views or theoretical angles?
• Are they able to pick relevant examples from consumption phenomena and connect to the CB theory they have outlined?
• Is there evidence of observation and creative thinking?

Conclusions and discussion 20%
• When students are making their own observations and opinions, are they emerging out of the literature reviewed, or are they plucked from thin air?
• Are proper rationales provided for their opinions?

Housekeeping 10%
• Ability to sustain a logical thread throughout the commentary
• Neatness, presentation and prose
• Referencing. Are all cited sources referenced?
• Spelling

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